Product Recommend

  • KYN28-24KV
  • YFRM6-12
  • ZN63(VS1)-12
  • ZN63(VS1)-12
  • ZN73A-12
  • ZN85-40.5
  • ZW32-12(G)/T
  • DPC-4A-550
  • TG1A-40.5-(450)
  • CH2-24-250

Yufeng Electric Co.,Ltd

  YuFeng Electric Co,Ltd was founded in 2001 in the capital of electrical appliances--Yueqing,Zhejiang province.As a professional manufacturer and exporter,Yufeng specializes in components of switchgears from 7.2KV to 40.5KV,such as earthing switch,interlocking device,insulating parts,chassis truck,vacuum circuit breaker and so on.Covering an area of 10000 square meters,Yufeng now has over 320 staff,25 technicians and total assets of 150 million RMB.We adhere to high starting point,high quality and high level of“three high”strategy and excellent management  system,which helps us develop steadily.Passed ISO90…



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